Your eyes fired death stares                        Your thoughts made me sick                      Your words whisper terror                         Your touch made me wobble


You managed to grasp me all over again,                                                                With                                                                  Your temporary soothings                          That with time                                                I have discerned as warm and safe .

You left me so weak                                      that now                                                        the threat you evoke                                     is what I have perceived as home .

Clutched to take a step                                 or to search for another home .

You truly are a magician                              I wonder                                                          As how swiftly you have changed my existence  …..                                                  Into a lifeless havoc !




I was incessantly looking out for someone
who can ignite the fire within me .

Time kept on lapsing ,
leaving no signs ,
no footprints.
Making it all too hard to resist .

It was only when ,
I decided to terminate each searching .

My journey finally ended.
And i realized where it all persists.

For that fire was always there ,
dwelling deep inside .
with it’s foundations strongly laid ,
roots profoundly engraved ,
solely within me .

Soaring heights


I kept on climbing the ladder ,
one step at a time ,
more or less ,
in pursuit of success .

Accompanying me were my mates ,
possessing similar dreams and fates .

At last ,

After my extensive toiling ,
the untangled path of success started uncoiling .

I reached the top ,
collected my breath and looked down ,
glimpses of worn out familiar faces encircled me ,
and a bizarre thought surfaced over ,
What if they exceeded my success key ?

How will I be able to retain my position ?
Taking hold on my conscience were these dreaded inhibitions .

I immediately ,
took out my axe .
Snithed the ladder beneath ,
putting my ambitious restless soul ,
back to relax.

Seeing them the People ,
tumbling on their backs and slip ,
I felt bounded by my guilt trip .

Swapping aside all such feelings,
I continued ,
For tasting success to me was more appealing .

I averted from that side ,
gripped my half lost pride


Started climbing on a bigger ladder ,
One last time .

Encapsulating The INNER LIGHT


There’s an uncanny glow in Eternalism ,
that assuages our grievances and devolves every possible uncertainty within.

And the same goes for Inner Light .
somewhere deeply engraved inside that dark soul ..

Unfazed ,
Realmless ,

It’s innate ,
Unfathomable ,

Constantly struggling for it’s ouster .
Often peeping from those small crevices just to remind us of it’s presence.

Instigating us , pinching us hard ,
to forge towards Our Purpose Of Life .

Waiting eagerly for us to open the door , and let it come out .
To let it radiate
And make our inhibitions indistinct.
To outshine our insecurities .
To ceasing us from relentlessly regretting over our failures .

And to unmask the facade ,
That we live under .

All it needs is that
One Awakening ,
that One Call .

Adamantine Bond


Make me your’s ,
Put me in those arms
Bind me in these chains of endless amours ,
And make me disencharm
from the lonely horrors that it evokes ,
the fabricated words it spokes ,
it conceals my flesh in its smoke ,
tames my youth , leaving me to choke .

Let me rise above ,
Of this Self – Love ,
With you by my side
I would embark on this reviving ride .

I would lie down in your tender shade ,
Leaving behind all this facade .

I would hold on to your grip ,
Trying to evade this dreary trip .

I would like a spiral , contort into your gravity ,
Submerging myself in this recess till infinity .

I would be your’s entirely ,
Oh my soul !
Until , you disown me

Out of ,
This Pride
This Ego
This Insensitivity .